Fairfield Education Association






FEA’s Mission

The mission of the FEA is to improve student achievement and secure for our members the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to accomplish that task.

What does FEA do for you? What do you get for your dues money?

The FEA represents you in meetings where working conditions are in question or when a disciplinary action may be considered.

*Files a grievance on your behalf in a contract violation dispute or seeks other avenues of redress when the situation demands.
*Negotiates the collective bargaining agreement for salaries, fringe benefits, and working conditions for all Fairfield teachers.
*Serves as the teachers’ spokesperson on education issues at Board of Education, RTM, and other town and civic meetings.
*Maintains a liaison with local, state, and national elected officials and CEA/NEA officials.
*Serves as the clearinghouse for questions about contract, working conditions, and related educational issues and concerns.
*Works as the watchdog to insure all teachers’ contractual rights are not violated.
*Acts as the local contact for disseminating information on state and national educational legislative issues.
*Encourages members to accept their responsibilities as potential leaders in the profession and in the community.
*Supports the stated policies of the CEA and NEA

updated: 01/20/2014